Proud of our people and our progress

We remain firmly focused that our workforce and leadership teams reflect the community and culture where we operate

We are proud of the progress that we have made to diversify our workforce, having successfully adapted the Company from a broad expatriate management organisation to one that is largely founded on Tanzanians. Our employees are our core asset. We aim to inspire, protect, and nurture our team.

Our key priorities

  • Employee engagement
  • Safe work environment
  • Right to form or join trade unions
  • Training and development
  • Tanzanian first
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Inclusive work culture

Employee engagement

We engage with our employees through being transparent about our business strategies, involving employees in business decisions, and maintaining an open dialogue around areas of improvement.

Training and development

Given the technical nature of our business, we depend on attracting, retaining and developing skilled and talented employees.

Our Tanzania focus means that we have a real opportunity to contribute to the country’s economic development through training and upskilling the local population. We invest heavily in employee training and aspire to provide all employees with long term and rewarding careers, and we encourage employees to discuss their training and development needs with their manager. The majority of our Tanzanian managers have been trained and promoted from roles within the Company.

Diversity and inclusion

A key pillar of the Company’s diversity and inclusion efforts is encouraging female participation within the workforce.

We have recently commenced a broad internship programme, seeking the brightest young talent across a range of disciplines, from legal, HR, logistics and engineering. Although there is a general imbalance of females to males undertaking engineering studies, particularly petroleum engineering, we were able to offer one-year internships to nine excellent candidates in 2022. We are pleased to say that recently we have given seven of those individuals fixed contracts with the Company. Four of our new team members are female, of which two now fill roles as Field Operators on Songo Songo Island. This is a first for the company and we believe a first for Tanzania. It just shows what phenomenal results a combination of individual ambition, careful coaching and placing trust in people can bring.