Committed to operate in a sustainable and responsible way


We are committed to operate in a sustainable and responsible way. Our Leadership Team recognise that the Company’s success is enhanced by being a good corporate citizen within Tanzania. Sound governance is a fundamental principle within the Company. We work to ensure that we are following best practice throughout all of our activities.

Ethical conduct

We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, reporting results with accuracy and transparency and maintaining full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern the business. Our governance structure, policies and processes aid employee, customer and community needs, promoting a culture of accountability and ethical conduct across the organisation.

We ensure that we support our commitment to address global challenges

We continuously maintain an active dialogue with employees, communicating key corporate objectives and soliciting comments and feedback on ways to improve operations and workplace conditions.

Leadership Team

  • Responsible for managing the Company’s core operations at the Songo Songo field
  • Delivering value for all stakeholders
  • Ensure the successful implementation of the Company’s corporate strategy

Recognising our duty

We recognise our duty to provide a safe working environment for our employees, and to ensure physical wellbeing we have health and safety guidelines, contained within our Employee Handbook, which applies to all employees, temporary workers, contractors, and consultants. We conduct a variety of training programs to inform our employees on key topics such as Emergency Preparedness and Response, as well as Health and Safety.

Monitoring our assets

As part of our efforts to ensure physical safety, we also monitor our asset for any unsafe operating conditions. If an unsafe operating condition is identified, we immediately take necessary action to remedy the situation, thus proactively aiming to prevent any incidents from occurring that could potentially result in employee injuries or fatalities. We regular monitor these statistics and provide transparency around any incidents that may occur.

Number of employees trained on occupational health and safety

We are very proud of our track record and our 2021 statistics