The Songo Songo natural gas licence area covers approximately 170 square kilometres and is located on the western part of Songo Songo Island,

which is 15 kilometres off Tanzania’s coastline and about 200 kilometres south of Dar es Salaam. It is Tanzania’s first and largest natural gas development and supplies gas to the Ubungo power plants at Dar es Salaam and approximately 36 industrial customers.

Gas from the Songo Songo Island plant is transported by a 25 km 12″ marine pipeline and a 207 km 16″ land pipeline that extends north along the coast to Dar es Salaam.

Over the last 20 years PanAfrican Energy and its predecessor companies have been key players in Tanzania’s first and largest natural gas development.


PanAfrican Energy enters into contracts as a supplier of natural gas for power and industrial uses as well as compressed natural gas (CNG) for domestic use.

The company also engages in contracts for the supply of a wide range of services from local businesses. It is PanAfrican’s intention to maximize the use of domestic suppliers to the greatest extent practicable.

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