KILWA, Lindi, Tanzania 14 June 2015: With 20 years of history of investing and operating in Tanzania, PanAfrican Energy Tanzania

(“PAET”, or the “Company”) considers support to the communities in which we operate to be one of the Company’s top priorities.  As such it has developed over time a programme of very high impact social development projects, designed to deliver sustainable enhancements to the Songosongo and Kilwa District communities.  Never standing still, PAET has continued to expand its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Programme in Tanzania during 2016. The Government of Tanzania recognizes that education is the cornerstone of achieving the country’s development goals, and accordingly the Government has invested heavily in the sector.  PAET supports this initiative wholeheartedly, and thus the Company has focused its projects on our community’s critical educational and health needs, committing in excess of Tshs 800 million (US$400,000) annually in recent years to its existing projects.

Most recently, in June 2016 PAET donated 800 desks for primary schools in Kilwa District worth Tshs 104 million (US$47,000), aimed at curbing the shortage of these essential facilities in Tanzanian schools; a campaign initiated by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli. PAET handed over the desks in a brief ceremony at Masoko Primary School, which was fortunate enough to be graced by Kilwa District Commissioner Hon. Juma Njwayo as the guest of honour.  The desks will go a very long way in reducing the shortage, by enabling a further 2,400 students to study in a more conducive environment. Ensuring Kilwa benefitted in every way from this important initiative by PAET, the actual contractor used to construct the desks was also from Kilwa District. The work is understood to have been a real  boost to the local economy.

PAET’s CSR programme is extensive, innovative and proven effective.  Other projects that the Company has implemented in recent years include the continued funding of scholarships for the best students from Songo Songo Island to complete their secondary education in Dar es Salaam. Currently the Company sponsors 24 students through this programme, but has sponsored similar numbers each year for the past 5 years.

The Company also introduced to Tanzania an innovative, specially designed technology-based English language course that has been made available to all 28 secondary schools in Kilwa District.  The six-week intensive training course is delivered at the start of a child’s secondary education and is designed to aide learning for students transitioning from the primary Kiswahili-based curriculum to the English language secondary education system.  The programme, which is fully funded by PAET, has been progressively implemented over the past four years and will be taken by approximately 7,100 students in the Kilwa District this year.

 PAET not only invests in the delivery of education; it has also been heavily involved in the development of educational infrastructure in the region. This was demonstrated when PAET handed over to the community a brand new and fully furnished girl’s dormitory on Songo Songo Island.  Accessing high quality education has become extremely expensive for most parents and families on the island, and it is difficult for them to fully invest in the process.  The Island’s new dormitory offers young adults on Songo Songo Island the opportunity to attain qualifications close to home in a modern learning environment.

Branching into health as well as education, PAET has also funded completion of what was a partly-built and unfit-for-use community Dispensary in Kilwa.  Realising the massive impact such a facility would have in the region, PAET took on the completion of the project which included the construction of an Out Patient Department, a Maternal & Child Health Ward, and Maternity Wing.  The dispensary has had a hugely positive effect on the local community, providing easily accessible medical support to locals and also to pregnant mothers and children in the region who, until its completion, had to walk exceptionally long distance to access medical services. On completion of the main facility, the Company finished the construction of health department staff houses the dispensary, allowing staff to remain on site and ensure continued medical support as and when emergencies arise.  The staff houses will enable the health facility to provide 24-hour service to over 8,000 community members.

Finally, while there are many other smaller initiatives the Company has undertaken in recent years, PAET continued to expand its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in health in 2016 in a bid to complement district efforts to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.  As such, the Company has funded the construction of a maternity waiting home at Kinyonga Hospital, Kilwa Kivinje, and is funding the rehabilitation of the Post-natal and labour wards at the Kilwa Masoko Health Centre.

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