Investing in early childhood development

Constructing facilities:

  • 2011 Built a kindergarten on SSI for children between the ages of 4 to 7
  • Each year the school enrols approximately 147 children
  • PAET provides learning materials

Teacher Training:

  • PAET employed 4 teachers from SSI. In 2011 PAET sponsored training course for the 2 teachers (attended two-year training at Montessori Msimbazi college in Dar es Salaam).
  • One more local teacher attended a one-year training at Global College in 2010. In 2015 the school and teachers were handled over to the community.

Form 1 English Language Orientation Programme in Kilwa District:

The company funded an innovative bespoken technology-based English language course that has been delivered to all 28 secondary schools in Kilwa District. The six-week intensive training course is delivered at the start of a child’s secondary education and is designed to aide learning for students transitioning from a primary, Kiswahili-based curriculum. The course delivers a dramatic increase in a child’s ability to learn and will provide significant enhancement of a child’s prospects of graduation.

220 local teachers and 14,867 students have directly benefited from the technology based English Language program.

All schools within the programme are left with an enduring ability to continue to deliver the course in successive years.  PanAfrican Energy provides the schools with the information technology and solar power capability to continue teaching students in this way.

Support to Community Schools in SSI:

PAET investment in the education of the Tanzanian youth in was also demonstrated by handing over to the community a brand new and fully furnished girl’s dormitory on Songo Songo Island.  Accessing high quality education has become extremely expensive for most parents and families and the island, and it is difficult for them to fully invest in the process.  The Island’s new dormitory offers young adults on Songo Songo Island the opportunity to attain qualifications close to home in a modern learning environment.

Support to Community Schools in SSI: 

PAET funded the construction of a multi-purpose science Lab for SSI Secondary School.  The assistance would help the district to achieve the national target, which requires every secondary school to have a science laboratory. Also donated 1,500 bags of Cement to Kilwa District Council to support other schools in the district. 

Scholarships on Songo Songo Island

Scholarships and Direct Community Support on Songo Songo Island

Over the years PAET has continued funding Scholarship for the best students from Songo Songo Island through Secondary Education in Dar es Salaam. Since 2011, over 50 students have benefited from this programme. In 2017/2018 five students from Songo Songo joined higher learning institutions.

Support to Community Schools in Kilwa district

PAET funded 800 desks for schools in Kilwa district. The desks were handled over in June 2016. The support allows approximately 2,400 students per annum to access education in comfortable conditions that are conducive to effective learning.


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