• Fueling Our Industrial Revolution
    Fueling Our
    Industrial Revolution
  • Maternity Ward Handover
    PanAfrican Energy Tanzania Handover of
    Maternity Waiting Home at Kilwa District Hospital

TBL’s most popular brands include Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager

, Ndovu Special Malt, Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Castle Milk Stout, Redds Original, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Grand Malt, Vita Malt, Balimi Extra Lager, Eagle Lager, Eagle Dark, Bia Bingwa, Faru Dark Lager, Club 07 and Safari Sparkling Water.

Other prominent brands associated with the TBL group are Konyagi Gin, Imagi Wine, Dodoma Wine, Zanzi Cream and Amarula Cream.

  • Manufacturer of: clear beer, alcoholic fruit beverages and non-­‐alcoholic beverages.
  • Represented throughout the country with four clear beer breweries, a distillery, a malting facility and six distribution depots.
  • Number of Employees: 1,400
  • Uses of Natural Gas: steam generation, in all areas and processes requiring heating applications such as wort production in the brewhouse, bottle washing, pasteurization and product mains cleaning and sterilization.
  • The Total energy usage for the last seven months is 92,170GJ with a saving of TShs. 1,987,275,121

The TBL group is listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. TBL has controlling interests in Tanzania Distilleries Limited, a liquor company situated in Dar-­‐ es-­‐Salaam, and fully owns Kibo Breweries Ltd., an asset management company domiciled in Dar-­‐es-­‐Salaam.

SABMiller is one of the world’s largest brewers with brewing interests or distribution agreements in over 75 countries across six continents. The group’s brands include premium international beers such as Miller Genuine Draft, as well as an exceptional range of market leading local brands.

Advantages of Natural Gas over HFO:

  • Cheaper than Heavy Furnace Oil
  • Does not require site storage facility
  • Environmentally-­‐friendly as it emits less sulphur as compared to HFO
  • It is a cleaner fuel (you don’t have to open and clean the boiler burner frequently)
  • Increases boiler efficiency. It give less soot formation in boiler tubes than HFO
  • Easy to control its pressure and flow by using pressure regulating valves
  • Has low operating cost (No maintenance on burner accessories like rotary cup assembly, no electrical power is required to process it to the boiler)
  • No pumping is required.

Message from Managing Director Robin Goetzsche:

Here at TBL, we pride ourselves in working actively towards  the reduction of carbon footprint – and that is why natural gas from Pan African Energy is TBL’s #1 choice. Our approach towards improving energy-­‐efficiencies in all our facilities is practical. Clear  and set targets are in place for the management of energy efficiently in the manufacturing process from brewing to packaging and renewable sources of energy are used where we can.

Our customers

Tanzania Breweries Limited

TBL’s most popular brands include Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager

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Kioo Glass operates two furnaces and supplies glass in flint, amber or green. KIOO has

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ALAF Limited

The Company has been serving Tanzania customers since 1960 supplying roofing products, roofing

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Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd (TCC)

Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), a member of the JTI Group of Companies reflects the way

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MM Integrated Steel Mills (MMI)

MM Integrated Steel Mills (MMI) is a fast-­‐growing, leading manufacturer of cold rolled sheets

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Our Mission Statement

PanAfrican Energy Tanzania’s mission is to explore, develop and produce natural gas as a safe, clean, reliable and cost efficient fuel for use in power generation, industrial applications, transportation and secondary markets.

Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for others. We are working to help meet Tanzania’s growing energy needs in a skilled, socially and environmentally responsible, safe and cost effective manner that provides benefits to investors, customers and the people of Tanzania.

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